Mt Kenya Trekking

Mt Kenya Trekking is the best package takes you to mount Kenya East Africa, the second highest peak in Africa. it involve short trekking with minimum of 4 days to 6 days for success summit approach. Challenge yourself to climb Mount Kenya and experience the exhilaration of trekking the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya (pt. Lenana) stands at 4,985 metres and is an amazing 6 day trek in some of the most beautiful scenery Kenya has to offer. Mt Kenya Trekking

On your final summit day, an early start sees you on the summit circuit path, which is arguably the finest walking trail in all of East Africa. Experience stunning views, tarns, glaciers, ice carved rock formations and precipitous valleys, before ideally reaching Point. Lenana to see a spectacular African sunrise.

A Mt Kenya Trekking in Africa is the second largest mountain is no mean feat. Test your endurance, lungs, legs, stamina and spirituality. You will be surrounded by the unique Afro- Alpine Zone that contains amazing flora and species endemic to the mountain.

The vast bulk of the snow capped Mt. Kenya looms over the entire region of the central Kenya. The mountain is part of the central highlands. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and in Africa after the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

For hikers, point Lenana at 4,895 m is the destination. This is accessed from different routes depending on your availability of time, budget and hiking experience.

The view en-route, the physical exertion and the rough climbing experience combine to bring out a well-deserved sense of accomplishment to the climbers.

Whether climbing Mt. Kenya is in your do list or an answer to the thrill you’ll experience when you reach the peak; this will be a life changing event… that will forever remain etched in your mind as a one of life’s unforgettable experiences.

Mt. Kenya hiking can be enjoyed by seasoned climbers and trekkers alike.