Kilimanjaro Trekking Cost

Kilimanjaro Trekking Cost depending upon on the season also the kind of luxury you need, the cost also include flight to Kilimanjaro also the number of days that you are going to spend on mountainKilimanjaro Trek Cost

A Kilimanjaro hike from us usually rates between USD 1300 to USD 3400 per person, dependent on the route you select, the requirement level and whether you want to join a group or go private. That value includes all park fees, hotels and transfers between the airports, hotels and mountain.

You also want to allow up to an extra USD 150 for tips and may be another USD 100 for numerous optional gear charges. You may also choose to spend an extra US$285 for the rental of Personal Oxygen System.
You also need to consider your long-haul trips to Africa, which are likely to cost around USD 1800/2200 per person from North America, or USD 800/1200 per person from Europe and Asia. The near airport is Kilimanjaro International.

There are operators out there who will offer you hike for less, but they incline to be very poor quality. Our lower requirement hikes already cut service levels back to the bare bones, any further reserves would be seriously counter-productive to your trek.

There are also operators who will offer you hikes which are extensively higher cost. Apart from those few companies which properly service the technical routes on the mountain, which can legally cost 3-4 times the amount of a regular hike, we can see no obvious reason why you should pay more for a hike.