Kilimanjaro Trek Duration

Trek duration  in Kilimanjaro tour adventures has to be mounted gradually in order to allow your body to adjust to the extreme elevations. climbing very fast will eventually cause altitude sickness to the climbersKilimanjaro Trek Duration

All of the main routes are planned to take you fast up to about half way, then spend a few days “hiking in elevation and sleeping little”, getting your arrangement as ready as possible for the extreme elevation of the summit day. All the way through these preparative days there are extra evacuation routes for people meeting serious indications of sickness.
The hikes that we offer are normally 5, 6, 7 or 8 nights on the mountain. These are the best number of nights for each route, as determined by our own summit achievement percentages.
A common delusion adjacent Kilimanjaro is that the longer you spend on the mountain, the better your adaptation to elevation will be and therefore the greater the chance you have of success to the summit. It is obviously in the interests of operators to continue this belief as longer hikes are more expensive.
Our knowledge indicates that there are also factors which root summit success to decrease as hikes become longer. This we quality to the increasing effects of mountain exhaustion, the weakening that occurs to your bodily strength due to continued exposure to daily climbing, absence of sleep, unusual eating patterns emphasized by a loss of hunger, boredom from the boredom of the daily routine and a build up of little damages such as wounds and muscle tears.
People who are less than tremendously fit and outdoorsy therefore tend to be greatest advised to stick to a 5 or 6 night hike.
People who are exceptionally fit and outdoorsy are usually best advised to go for a 7 night trek.
The only people who should consider hikes longer than 7 nights are those who are extremely fit and familiar to sleeping out in extreme weather conditions for many successive nights or returning visitors with prior familiarity on the mountain.

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